Athletics Day 2014 - #VOICERecaps

 by Evan Chandra



Every year, the athletics day results are always a major factor in deciding the champion house team at the end of the year. This year, the weather was hot but the competition was strong. Although the rate of injuries were higher than ever, this only proved how determined and perseverant all the house teams were.




The Results

 Overall, Merapi came triumphant, winning and claiming the trophy again this year. Merapi's grade 11 and 12 left all other classes in the dust and  propelled their house to victory. Congratulations to all Raptors!   Bromo, despite the domination of their senior boys, was only able to place 3rd this year.  Kintamani had been expected to do poorly, but were saved by the gold medal performances of their grade 7's who won fifteen of their twenty-two events and pushed the house past Bromo into second place.  Krakatau had its moments of glory as well, taking first place in three out of the six categories from grade 8 to 10, but we have yet to witness Kraktau’s redemption.

 There will more upcoming events though such as the Soccer Carnival and all the house teams will still have a chance to win the overall champion at the end of the year.







Grade 7











Grade 8











Grade 9











Grade 10











Grade 11











Grade 12

























Students were supportive for their own team, as clearly seen at the opening event, the 100 m.


Event Winners




Flash - The fastest boy in school?  Austin Soetopo.  The fastest girl? - Livia Aprilia

Hulk - The strongest boy in school?  Kharis Setiasabda.  Girl - Nadia Suherlan. 

Superman - Who can fly the highest? - Caleb John Lambert and Angie Prijanto.

Ironman - Who's energy keeps running?  William Lubiantoro and Zoe Donnan

 Arrow - Who can strike at distance?  In Su Sung and Sophie Comrie


100M Final 11 Krakatau Livia Aprilia 14.72
100M Final 12 Bromo Austin A. Soetopo 12.18
200m Final 11 Kintamani Katherine Talbot 32.14  School Record
200m Final 11 Bromo Abimael Candraditya 26.78
400m Finals 11 Merapi Zoe Donnan 01.12.37
400m Finals 12 Merapi In Su Sung 01.03.61
60m Hurdles 12 Krakatau Callysta Thony 10.90
60m Hurdles 12 Bromo Jeffy Utomo 9.08
800M Final 10 Bromo William Lubiantoro 02.28.58
800M Final 11 Merapi Zoe Donnan 02.51.55 School Record
High Jump 11 Bromo Angie Prijanto 135 Tied School Record
High Jump 8 Kintamani Caleb John Lambert 160
High Jump 11 Kitamani Michael Christianis 160
Javelin 12 Merapi  Sophie  Comrie 29.40  School Record
Javelin 12 Merapi In Su Sung 36.40
Long Jump 11 Bromo Angie Prijanto 3.70
Long Jump 12 Bromo Austin A. Soetopo

5.39   School Record

Shot Put 8 Merapi Melanie Novia X. P. 9.58
Shot Put 9 Bromo Bryan Soetopo 12.45
Shot Put 11 Bromo Nadia Averil Suherlan 8.27
Shot Put 12 Bromo Kharis  Setiasabda 10.60
 4x50m Relay  12 Kintamani Kintamani Girls 32.27
 4x50m Relay  12 Kintamani Kintamani Boys 27.30
Medley Relay 11 Merapi Merapi Girls 01.05.99
Medley Relay 12 Bromo Bromo Boys 00.54.34



Individual Results


 Records were broken and notable performances were made. In grade 12, there were also Austin and Jeffy, both from Bromo. Austin broke the U18 and overall record for the long jump while Jeffy broke the U17 record for the long jump. Their results helped raise score for grade 12 Boys. Austin and In-Su battled it out in the senior category, taking four and three gold ribbons respectively, and Callysta Thony on the girls side won three. Other three-ribbon winners were Kwon Min Jun (9, Merapi); Kezia Maharani (8, Bromo); Kenzie Taruno (7, Merapi) and Egna Felicia Setiawan (7, Kintamani).  The highest individual ribbon total, however, was Caleb Lambert (8, Kintamani) with 4 individual golds. 


100M Final 12 Krakatau Callysta Thony 15.30 Merapi Sophie Elena Comrie 15.36 Bromo Adellene Odelia Tanuri 15.59
100M Final 12 Bromo Austin A. Soetopo 12.18 Bromo Jeffy Utomo 12.61 Merapi In Su Sung 13.24
200m Final 12 Krakatau Callysta Thony 32.93 Kintamani Kirsten Sommers 33.81 Krakatau Iris  Sudjarwo 35.52
200m Final 12 Merapi In Su Sung 27.34 Bromo Victor Ongkowijaya 28.55 Merapi Michael Laurensius 29.96
400m Finals 12 Merapi Grace Ananda Muchtar 01.23.02 Bromo Jasmine Chandra 01.26.02  Kintamani Nathany Grace S. K. 01.27.05
400m Finals 12 Merapi In Su Sung 01.03.61 Kintamani Eldrick Nathanael 01.09.00 Merapi Daniel Hamdani 01.10.01
60m Hurdles 12 Krakatau Callysta Thony 10.90 Kintamani Agnes Wijono 11.42 Merapi Sophie Elena Comrie 12.08
60m Hurdles 12 Bromo Jeffy Utomo 9.08 Bromo Austin A. Soetopo 9.52 Krakatau Alex Dotulong 09.52
800M Final 12 Kintamani Kirsten Sommers 03.08.37 Merapi Abigail Montolalu 03.15.90 Merapi Sheina Putri Rijanto 03.52.08
800M Final 12 Bromo Alexander Putra Anggada 02.41.43 Merapi Joshua Wen Jie Hodiny 02.47.24 Krakatau Gian Dito Dakota 02.48.05
High Jump 12 Merapi Sophie Elena Comrie 120 Krakatau Iris  Sudjarwo 115 Kintamani Jennifer Lillian Tobagus 115
High Jump 12 Bromo Austin A. Soetopo 155 Kintamani Eldrick Nathanael 145 Bromo Jeffy Utomo 140
Javelin 12 Merapi  Sophie Elena Comrie 29.40 Krakatau Hannah Marie Mercer 25.70 Merapi Tricia Angelbelle Sada 23.20
Javelin 12 Merapi In Su Sung 36.40 Merapi Bill Jonathan Susanto 34.15 Bromo Kharis  Setiasabda 33.50
Long Jump 12 Bromo Adellene Odelia Tanuri 3.63 Merapi Abigail Ribka M. 3.43 Merapi Tricia Angelbelle Sada 3.42
Long Jump 12 Bromo Austin A. Soetopo 5.39 Bromo Jeffy Utomo 5.22 Kintamani Hansel Terine 4.81
Shot Put 12 Merapi Sheina Putri Rijanto 7.87 Merapi Tricia Angelbelle Sada 7.83 Bromo Gabriella Tjandra 7.38
Shot Put 12 Bromo Kharis  Setiasabda 10.60 Merapi Daniel Simadibrata 10.50 Merapi Michael Jonathan 10.38
 4x50m Relay  12 Kintamani Kintamani Girls 32.27 Krakatau Krakatau Girls 36.43 Merapi Merapi Girls 36.55
 4x50m Relay  12 Kintamani Kintamani Boys 27.30 Krakatau Krakatau Boys 28.02 Merapi Merapi Boys 28.11
Medley Relay 12 Krakatau Krakatau Girls 01.06.02 Merapi Merapi Girls 01.06.93 Bromo Bromo Girls 01.11.46
Medley Relay 12 Bromo Bromo Boys 00.54.34 Krakatau Krakatau Boys 00.56.30 Merapi Merapi Boys 00.58.62


 Grade 11

Some new faces appeared in the grade 11 tables.  Katie Talbot proved she's an athlete to be reckoned with in her when she broke Callysta's 200m school record, and Joshua Tjie impressed all with his speed.  Zoe continued to outclass everyone in the distance races, she couldn't beat her own school record in the 400m but she grabbed a new one in the 800m.  She was edged out of a third gold ribbon however by Abby White in the hurdles. 

100M Final 11 Krakatau Livia Aprilia 14.72 Kintamani Katherine Talbot 15.02 Merapi Zoe Donnan 15.20
100M Final 11 Merapi Joshua Yustia B. Tjie 12.52 Kintamani Jonathan V. Tandaw 13.14 Kintamani Michael Christianis 13.14
200m Final 11 Kintamani Katherine Talbot 32.14 Merapi Abigail Lynae White 33.49 Bromo Elizia Darius Liauw 33.87
200m Final 11 Bromo Abimael Candraditya 26.78 Merapi Joshua Yustira B. Tjie 27.37 Merapi Tommy Katio 28.49
400m Finals 11 Merapi Zoe Donnan 01.12.37 Kintamani Abigail Christie B. 01.18.70 Merapi Abigail White 01.21.21
400m Finals 11 Bromo Alden Christian Rasilim 01.06.14 Merapi Andrew  Harjono 01.06.14 Kintamani Nicholas Sean Purnama 01.07.77
60m Hurdles 11 Merapi Abigail Lynae White 11.68 Merapi Zoe Donnan 11.99 Krakatau Mabel Anjali Primana 12.11
60m Hurdles 11 Krakatau Jacob Colston 10.58 Kintamani F.X. Antonio 10.61 Merapi Su Kyung Lee 10.90
800M Final 11 Merapi Zoe Donnan 02.51.55 Kintamani Abigail Christie B. 03.08.39 Kintamani Joyce M. Ishikawa 03.24.05
800M Final 11 Bromo Young Min Choi 02.48.52 Merapi Su Kyung Lee 02.53.20 Krakatau Nathan Widjaja 03.03.84
High Jump 11 Bromo Angie Prijanto 135 Kintamani Katherine Talbot 125 Kintamani Elaine Natalie 125
High Jump 11 Kitamani Michael Christianis 160 Merapi Tommy Katio 155 Bromo Alden Rasilim 150
Javelin 11 Merapi Shielline Pesik 19.80 Bromo Nadia Averil Suherlan 17.20 Bromo Tiffanie Lius 16.85
Javelin 11 Merapi Thomas Riley Hobbs 30.90 Bromo Alden Christian Rasilim 29.25 Kintamani F.X. Antonio 26.55
Long Jump 11 Bromo Angie Prijanto 3.70 Kintamani Isabel Lee 3.65 Merapi Zoe Donnan 3.64
Long Jump 11 Merapi Tommy Katio 5.23 Bromo Abimael Candraditya 5.00 Kintamani Michael Christianis 4.81
Shot Put 11 Bromo Nadia Averil Suherlan 8.27 Merapi Karisa  Djohan 6.80 Kintamani Elaine Natalie 6.65
Shot Put 11 Merapi Philip Sinanta 9.52 Kintamani F.X. Antonio 8.60 Merapi Eben Haezer S. Kintono 8.54
 4x50m Relay  11 Bromo Bromo Girls 33.65 Kintamani Kintamani Girls 36.15 Kintamani Kintamani Girls 36.15
 4x50m Relay  11 Merapi Merapi Boys 27.84 Bromo Bromo Boys 28.71 Krakatau Krakatau Boys 29.55
Medley Relay 11 Merapi Merapi Girls 01.05.99 Bromo Bromo Girls 01.07.11 Kintamani Kintamani Girls 01.12.99
Medley Relay 11 Bromo Bromo Boys 00.54.96 Krakatau Krakatau Boys 00.59.40 Kintamani Kintamani Boys 00.59.45



Grade 10

Krakatau picked up a valuable new athlete in Rachel Paul, and Reman Gurung continued Krakatau's success on the boys side as each of them picked up two first place and a second place finish for their team.  William Lubiantoro proved to be the outstanding athlete of the day placing first or second in a variety of events, including the 100m sprint,  the 60m hurdles, the 800m distance, the long jump, and the javelin. 

100M Final 10 Merapi Natasha M. Simadibrata 15.74 Krakatau Rachel Paul 16.20 Merapi Na Young Bae 16.47
100M Final 10 Bromo William Lubiantoro 12.62 Krakatau Reman Gurung 12.84 Kintamani Kenneth Alan Hardman 13.40
200m Final 10 Krakatau Rachel Paul 33.06 Merapi Natasha M. Simadibrata 35.20 Bromo Vallerie Michaela A. Xu 35.84
200m Final 10 Krakatau Reman Gurung 27.74 Kintamani Kenneth Alan Hardman 28.27 Bromo Marco Putra Lembong 28.90
400m Finals 10 Kintamani Adeline  Lumentut 01.27.62 Bromo Esther Yuwono 01.30.62 Bromo Valerie Lianggara 01.33.33
400m Finals 10 Krakatau Reman Gurung 01.08.65 Kintamani Gavin Susantio 01.09.78 Merapi David Kartawidjaja 01.13.90
60m Hurdles 10 Krakatau Emily Patricia Dotulong 10.81 Kintamani Felicia Ivana Chandra 11.40 Kintamani Ji Hyun Seong 11.52
60m Hurdles 10 Bromo William Lubiantoro 9.93 Krakatau Reman Gurung 10.49 Krakatau Bennett Jonathan K. 10.59
800M Final 10 Krakatau Rachel Paul 03.23.36 Bromo Vallerie Michaela A. Xu 03.26.96 Bromo Esther Yuwono 03.41.93
800M Final 10 Bromo William Lubiantoro 02.28.58 Merapi Matthew Evan Taruno 02.44.37 Kintamani James Kadiman 02.58.37
Shot Put 10 Krakatau Emily Dotulong 7.69 Krakatau Haley Robin Kwiecien 6.59 Bromo Clarissa  Claudia Sumadi 6.47
Shot Put 10 Merapi Sean M. Sada 10.24 Kintamani Bryan Jeremy Widjaja 9.67 Merapi Andrew Sutanto 9.08
Javelin 10 Kintamani Ji Hyun Seong 15.90 Kintamani Janice Marsha 13.90 Merapi Olivia Michelle M. 13.80
Javelin 10 Merapi Sean M. Sada 32.70 Bromo William Lubiantoro 28.90 Kintamani Bryan Jeremy Widjaja 27.89
Long Jump 10 Krakatau Haley Robin Kwiecien 3.38 Merapi Natasha M. Simadibrata 3.36 Bromo Vallerie Michaela A. Xu 3.30
Long Jump 10 Kintamani Kenneth Alan Hardman 4.90 Bromo William Lubiantoro 4.74 Kintamani Gavin Susantio 4.67
 4x50m Relay  10 Bromo Bromo Girls 33.71 Krakatau Krakatau Girls 34.62 Merapi Merapi Girls 34.67
 4x50m Relay  10 Kintamani Kintamani Boys 29.52 Merapi Merapi Boys 30.12 Bromo Bromo Boys 31.68
Medley Relay 10 Merapi Merapi Girls 01.08.71 Krakatau Krakatau Girls 01.10.18 Kintamani Kintamani Girls 01.12.37
Medley Relay 10 Krakatau Krakatau Girls 00.57.17 Bromo Bromo Girls 01.00.02 Merapi Merapi Girls 01.00.11
High Jump 10 Merapi Tasha Budiman 120 Kintamani Stefanie Setiadarma 115 Krakatau Emily Dotulong 115
High Jump 10 Bromo Marco Putra Lembong 145 Bromo Arthur Joshua Ko 145 Merapi Sean M. Sada 140



Grade 9

Joanna Lee proved hard to beat this year in anything that involved sprinting or jumping, taking home four individual ribbons, though no one could get past Quanika  in the 200 and 400m races.  The boys side was well represented by the Koreans, with Kwon Min taking two firsts and a second, Seung Hun taking two firsts, two seconds, and a third, and Dong Hyeok adding another second. 

100M Final 9 Kintamani Joanna Lee 15.02 Krakatau Quanika Aolani 15.46 Kintamani Kelsey Kara Clarke 15.59
100M Final 9 Merapi Kwon Min Jun 12.52 Bromo Jeremiah Teofil 12.81 Kintamani Seung Hun Jung 13.00
200m Final 9 Krakatau Quanika Aolani 32.45 Kintamani Joanna Lee 32.90 Merapi Sophie Darmawan 34.26
200m Final 9 Merapi Kwon Min Jun 28.08 Kintamani Seung Hun Jung 28.33 Bromo Jeremiah Teofil 29.74
400m Finals 9 Krakatau Quanika Aolani 01.17.49 Bromo Samantha S. Suherman 01.18.52 Merapi Bianca Tjoeng 01.22.30
400m Finals 9 Bromo Bryan Soetopo 01.10.14 Krakatau Hugo Leo 01.12.33 Merapi Jonathan Tanoto 01.13.84
60m Hurdles 9 Merapi Nethania Valerie 11.90 Krakatau Benita Amadea Krisno 12.02 Krakatau Valerie Grace Setiawan 12.11
60m Hurdles 9 Kintamani Seung Hun Jung 9.90 Merapi Min Jun Kwon 10.17 Bromo Nicholas Ariel Tjandra 10.56
800M Final 9 Krakatau Xamantha Tjakra 03.23.81 Bromo Janice Kathryn Utomo 03.54.05 Bromo Cherine P. Marciana 03.57.68
800M Final 9 Merapi Nicholas Bennett Maurice 02.46.64 Bromo Dong Hyeok Kim 02.54.93 Krakatau Nathan A. Nurhalim 03.01.11
High Jump 9 Kintamani Joanna Lee 130 Merapi Graciella Edwina Sutanto 120 Kintamani Arlene Budiman 115
High Jump 9 Merapi Kwon Min Jun 155 Kintamani Seung Hun Jung 145 Bromo Jeremiah Fitzmark T. 135
Javelin 9 Bromo Calista Eleanor Sudjono 24.20 Merapi Graciella Edwina Sutanto 19.13 Kintamani Elizabeth Edellaine L. 17.40
Javelin 9 Bromo Nicholas Ariel Tjandra 35.85 Krakatau Davin  Arianto 31.85 Krakatau Jason S Hambali 31.44
Long Jump 9 Krakatau Nicoletta Yoesdyanto 3.65 Kintamani Joanna Lee 3.59 Merapi Sophie Darmawan 3.38
Long Jump 9 Kintamani Seung Hun Jung 4.90 Merapi Min Jun Kwon 4.75 Krakatau Davin  Arianto 4.65
 4x50m Relay  9 Bromo Bromo Girls 34.71 Kintamani Kintamani Girls 34.93 Krakatau Krakatau Girls 36.02
 4x50m Relay  9 Krakatau Krakatau Boys 30.99 Bromo Bromo Boys 31.18 Kintamani Kintamani Girls 35.52
Medley Relay 9 Merapi Merapi Girls 01.07.28 Krakatau Krakatau Girls 01.08.90 Kintamani Kintamani Girls 01.10.71
Medley Relay 9 Merapi Merapi Boys 00.55.96 Bromo Bromo Girls 00.58.55 Krakatau Krakatau Girls 00.58.67
Shot Put 9 Krakatau Joelle Joscelyne Joviana 7.15 Merapi Bianca Tjoeng 7.03 Merapi Nethania Valerie 6.76
Shot Put 9 Bromo Bryan Soetopo 12.45 Bromo Nicholas Ariel Tjandra 10.86 Merapi Kristian Andre B. 9.74



Grade 8

Kezia and Isabella was the battle of the sprints, with Kezia taking first and Isabella second in all 3.  Add a few hurdles in the way, however,  and Nam Hae was able to race past Kezia for first.  Isabella was able to finally pick up a gold ribbon in the long jump.  The girl to watch out for in the future may be Susannah Layanto, who quietly picked up 4 third place finishes and will be gunning for Kezia and Isabella in the future.  Kaylee Sommers' 800m run was perhaps the most impressive of the day as she left her rivals in the distance, breaking her own school record. The record only lasted 20 minutes, however, before Zoe Donnan broke it again. They boys side was dominated by Caleb Lambert and Abdi Daillah who between them won all of the races. 

100M Final 8 Bromo Kezia Putri Maharani 15.40 Krakatau Isabella Indrasasana 15.43 Bromo Susannah Layanto 15.59
100M Final 8 Kintamani Caleb John Lambert 12.72 Krakatau Abdi Putra Fadillah 12.72 Krakatau Nathan Setiawan 14.30
200m Final 8 Bromo Kezia Putri Maharani 32.81 Krakatau Isabella Indrasasana 33.52 Merapi Melanie Novia X. P. 33.65
200m Final 8 Kintamani Caleb John Lambert 28.39 Krakatau Nathan Alexander S. 29.39 Bromo Seong Jun Shin 30.43
400m Finals 8 Bromo Kezia Putri Maharani 01.19.71 Krakatau Isabella Indrasasana 01.20.34 Bromo Susannah Layanto 01.25.93
400m Finals 8 Krakatau Abdi Putra Fadillah 01.05.97 Merapi Beniah Comrie 01.09.62 Bromo Seong Jun Shin 01.10.14
60m Hurdles 8 Kintamani Nam Hae Ji 11.14 Bromo Kezia Putri Maharani 11.64 Merapi Denise Cecilia Mulyadi 11.81
60m Hurdles 8 Kintamani John Caleb Lambert 9.14 Bromo Joseph Ian Tanuri 9.58 Merapi Brandon Larence Tanu 10.44
800M Final 8 Kintamani Kaylee Sommers 03.04.54 Merapi Melanie Poerwantoro 03.22.11 Kintamani Su Bin Lee 03.36.81
800M Final 8 Krakatau Abdi Putra Fadillah 02.49.11 Merapi Brian Thomas Chang 02.54.99 Merapi Min Seo Kang 03.11.49
High Jump 8 Bromo Hee Sun Yoon 115 Krakatau Novia Setiawan 115 Bromo Susannah Layanto 110
High Jump 8 Kintamani Caleb John Lambert 160 Merapi Timothy Ethan Abelael 140 Krakatau Nathan A. Setiawan 130
Javelin 8 Bromo Lauren Magnolia Moore 27.65 Kintamani Su Bin Lee 17.92 Bromo Hee Sun (Sunny) Yoon 17.40
Javelin 8 Bromo Arrigo Fernanda 32.10 Krakatau Bryant Jusuf 31.95 Bromo Darren Timothy Handaja 27.50
Long Jump 8 Krakatau Isabella Indrasasana 3.67 Krakatau & Merapi Novia & Denise 3.49 Bromo Susannah Layanto 3.17
Long Jump 8 Krakatau Nathan Alexander Setiawan 4.77 Kintamani Caleb John Lambert 4.66 Bromo Joseph Ian Tanuri 4.25
Shot Put 8 Merapi Melanie Novia X. P. 9.58 Bromo Lauren Magnolia Moore 8.56 Bromo Belinda Larasati 8.12
Shot Put 8 Kintamani Christopher Regalado 11.70 Bromo Arrigo Fernanda 11.60 Krakatau Bryant Jusuf 10.75
 4x50m Relay  8 Merapi Merapi Girls 34.96 Bromo Bromo Girls 35.24 Kintamani Kintamani Girls 35.78
 4x50m Relay  8 Krakatau Krakatau Boys 30.81 Bromo Bromo Boys 31.14 Merapi Merapi Boys 31.49
Medley Relay 8 Krakatau Krakatau Girls 01.08.58 Merapi Merapi Girls 01.08.68 Kintamani Kintamani Girls 01.10.72
Medley Relay 8 Krakatau Krakatau Boys 00.57.24 Bromo Bromo Boys 00.58.62 Merapi Merapi Girls 01.00.31



Grade 7

Kenzie Taruno's three first places for Merapi prevented total domination by Kintamani.  Egna Felicia Setiawan, Oliver Angsono, Abraham Angsono, Pamela Audrey, Ray Santoso, Sam Lambert and Georgiana Ongko helped Kintamani take 12 first place and another 4 second place ribbons.

100M Final 7 Merapi Chloe Elizabeth 15.74 Bromo Mia Isabelle Usman 15.93 Bromo Fidelia Evangelyn Abigail 16.87
100M Final 7 Merapi Kenzie Evan Taruno 13.74 Kintamani Oliver Elliot Angsono 13.99 Kintamani Abraham Othman A. 14.11
200m Final 7 Kintamani Egna Felicia Setiawan 34.82 Krakatau Fidelia Evangelyn Abigail 34.82 Kintamani Eleonora E. Legawa 35.81
200m Final 7 Kintamani Oliver Elliot Angsono 30.81 Merapi Kenzie Evan Taruno 29.87 Bromo Nathan Kristian Wibowo 30.81
400m Finals 7 Kintamani Egna Felicia Setiawan 01.29.08 Bromo Emma Huizenga 01.29.18 Krakatau Stevania S. Tanuwijaya 01.29.84
400m Finals 7 Kintamani Abraham Angsono 01.13.08 Bromo Nathan Kristian Wibowo 01.18.08 Kintamani Samuel David Lambert 01.20.60
60m Hurdles 7 Kintamani Pamela Audrey Time error Krakatau Fidelia Evangelyn Abigail Time error Kintamani Egna Felicia Setiawan Time error
60m Hurdles 7 Merapi Kenzie Evan Taruno 10.78 Kintamani Samuel David Lambert 11.02 Bromo Nathan Kristian Wibowo 11.02
800M Final 7 Merapi Valerie Chan 03.43.62 Krakatau Stevanie Tanuwijaya 03.45.96 Bromo Mia Isabelle Usman 03.48.40
800M Final 7 Krakatau Joel Suryadi 03.04.08 Merapi Paul Nicolae Chis 03.10.46 Krakatau Hector Coby Lie 03.23.68
High Jump 7 Krakatau Fidelia Evangelyn Abigail 105 Bromo Emma Huizenga 105 Bromo Nisya Tiffany Salim 105
High Jump 7 Bromo Nathan Kristian Wibowo 140 Kintamani Oliver Elliot Angsono 140 Kintamani Samuel David Lambert 115
Javelin 7 Bromo Emma Huizenga 14.85 Kintamani Georgiana Ongko 13.95 Merapi Rhayna Putri Rijanto 12.50
Javelin 7 Kintamani Ray Theodore Santoso 24.55 Krakatau Chan Hee Lee 23.40 Bromo Jaden Kenneth Jensen 21.65
Long Jump 7 Kintamani Egna Felicia Setiawan 3.43 Krakatau Fidelia Evangelyn Abigail 2.97 Bromo Yeyoung Park 2.90
Long Jump 7 Kintamani Oliver Elliot Angsono 4.52 Merapi Kenzie Evan Taruno 4.43 Kintamani Ray Theodore Santoso 4.39
Shot Put 7 Krakatau Agnes Kezia Arianto 7.38 Merapi Rhayna Putri Rijanto 6.64 Bromo Emma Huizenga 6.48
Shot Put 7 Merapi Kenzie Evan Taruno 9.70 Bromo Jaden Kenneth Jensen 8.90 Merapi James William Marshall 8.80
 4x50m Relay  7 Merapi Merapi Girls 35.78 Bromo Bromo Girls 36.21 Kintamani Kintamani Girls 27.14
 4x50m Relay  7 Kintamani Kintamani Boys 33.93 Krakatau Krakatau Boys 34.14 Merapi Merapi Boys 35.23
Medley Relay 7 Kintamani Kintamani Girls 01.10.90 Bromo Bromo Girls 01.11.48 Krakatau Krakatau Girls 01.12.52
Medley Relay 7 Kintamani Kintamani Boys 01.00.24 Bromo Bromo Boys 01.00.43 Merapi Merapi Boys 01.03.55





Future Predictions

Its a good time to be Green.  Looking at the scores without this year's seniors and Merapi should come out on top again next year.  Sadly to say Bromo's chances without their class of senior boys will be severely diminished in 2015.  They did manage to place first or second in five of the eight categories from grade 7 to 10, however, and if they manage to get a good class of grade 7's next year their chances of gold in 2016 and 17 look good.  The future, however, would appear to belong to Kintamani.  They will be in a close race for first with Merapi next year, and only get stronger after that.  We predict gold for the Reds in 2016 and 2017.


Can You See the Future?


It might be a while for Krakatau



Moreover, we also had the teachers’ participate this year again in the relays. It was really exciting seeing our teachers outside of their uniforms and we were able to talk and chill with them. Above all, what is most important was that the school community was united and intact.


As usual, the events were interesting as both students and teachers were able to take a break from work to enjoy the sports activities and appreciate the skills that students (or teachers) exhibit. The foods were even more varied. A notable booth was the Lab selling the delicious bubble teas, hosted by VOICE. The Lab has been my personal favorite and VOICE had stepped up their partnership since last year, so I really can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year. 








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Bye Bye, Have fun next year without us