SPH's First Ever Dance-Off: Step Up

By Evan Chandra (11)

The Student Council is happy to announce a new competition that will feature a new talent: dancing. The competition is tough, as all the groups are really talented. Stay tuned to find out who will win the title of the best dance act in SPH.



Day 1 Judges – Mrs. Karissa, Ibu Nedra, Mr. Ben

 X-Unit – Denise, Sharon, Arlene

Out of all the dances, this group had probably the fastest tempo with the upbeat music. Watching them dance on stage really amazed the audience, as they just kept moving effortlessly. They were really energetic and entertaining. By the end of the dance, we could see they were all breathing heavily as they had put a lot of effort into it. They had some timing issues since their dance may have gotten too fast to the point where they were all dancing with different timing. Their concept was brilliant and they were strategic in their choice of music – starting soft then finishing into a fast-paced hip-hop. If they were more united, their dance would have been really amazing. It is really apparent that they all have natural talent and we are really excited to see what they will do next. 


Metal Fusion – Sean, Reman, Kharis, Bryan, Mario

Metal Fusion represented the different elements quite visibly, especially with their choice of outfits. They embraced the dubstep genre really well and were humorous with their dance moves, engaging with the audience through their cool moves. Each of them was able to showcase their talents as an individual, especially with Kharis’s solid moves, but they could have cooperated more with each other to show unison as a dance group. They might lack a little bit of self-confidence, as seen through the minimal eye contact, and they could be more convincing through their facial expressions, too. Overall, they had good tricks and showed a variety of innovative moves on the dance floor. We cannot wait to see more of the tricks up their sleeves in the next round. The judges also pointed out that they have the total package and could actually win this competition. 


Day 2 Judges – Mr. Ben,  Pak Dimas, Ibu Suci


The first to perform on Day 2 was Gavin, who has been dancing for three years! Due to that, he looked really comfortable on the dance floor; his expression and how his body moved made us want to join him. To perform solo is harder than to perform in a group, as you need more energy to cover the whole stage, but Gavin really put in the energy. He moved around strategically and showed his solid, original moves. His transitions could be awkward at times, though, as he just stood in the center of the stage for several seconds. Pak Dimas said he could improve on his transitions more to make his dance more effective. Overall, he had a powerful performance and used a good choice of music to represent the theme and dance.


Twiz – Xamantha and Sophie

Out of all the dance moves, they were the only dance that incorporated the style of ballet to contemporary dance. They had a story and were able to invite and bring the audience along through their journey. They were really inspiring with their soft dance moves and were really elegant. Judges were really surprised with Xamantha’s skills as she never showed skills so polished before. They had to remember to keep their expression calm when making mistakes, though. They made a couple of mistakes, which the audience could see thanks to their facial expressions that turned from soulful to shocked in an instant. Aside from that, the execution of their dance was really well done and the overall performance was just beautiful.


Msfts – Kezia and Vania

Mr. Ben was really impressed with this performance, as he was able to see the immense progress in just one day. Msfts was really coordinated in their dance moves, especially in their popping shoulders move. It was full of energy and they put a lot of effort into the dance. They should have started stronger in the beginning and ended strong, as well, to make their dance more memorable instead of starting slow. Furthermore, some of their moves may not be that original and fresh, as they had collected moves from other dancers. Overall though, they had a nice variation of dance moves that showcased their natural talent in dancing.